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NEW WORK UP!!! - - Music, sound design and mixing on 2-spot campaign for ExxonMobil produced by New York Times' TBrandStudios and UM

Maple Hill Creamery campaign now airing

Composed theme music for Jen Kirkman's "Just Keep Livin'?" now on Netflix

The Walking Dead Season 7 mid-season finale uses Ben Wise's "The Program"

Composed theme music for Iliza Shlesinger's "Confirmed Kills" now on Netflix

AMEX Opt Blue campaign now airing

Fruit Of The Loom campaign now airing

Composed music for Comedy Central web series 'White Flight' - now streaming

Original music for CBS Sports airing across all sports broadcasts year-round

Channel Lock campaign now airing

Original score for short film "All Things Chicken" wins Best Score at Williamsburg Int'l Film Festival (Sept 2015) and a Bronze medal at Global Music Awards (March 2015).

Original song performance/role in IFC-distributed feature "Contracted: Phase II"